• Concierge Sales Assistant

    Our clients contact us before they acquire a vehicle for us to manage. If you are in search of an automotive asset, our team can manage the search – locally, nationally or internationally – to locate and secure the vehicle of your dreams. Similarly, if you have an asset that you wish to sell, Wyeeego, Inc. can handle all aspects of a confidential sales process. Wyeeego, Inc. as your trusted sales assistant in securing and liquidating automotive assets, respects and protects your time and privacy when transacting in the open market.

  • Preventative Maintenance Vehicle Transport Plans

    Vehicle transport, whether new car delivery, or pickup and delivery for routine maintainence, can easliy become a logistical nightmare. Wyeeego, Inc. operates its own transporters for local deliveries. Our fleet of A6X 10K DROP-N-LOAD® CAR HAULERs provides a very careful, hands-on approach to moving our clients’ vehicles. We provide video updates on all your vehicle movement so you know where your car is and HOW IT IS DOING while it is with Wyeeego.

  • Mobile Auto Detailing Plans

    To ensure the proper exterior and interior care, we offer custom mobile car cleaning services – based on your vehicle needs.